Update your client key data

Now you can update your application name and callback url by calling and endpoint we have enabled.

You need your Api-Key (the one you want to update) and a valid token (client credentials) that you can generate following these steps.


You need to send a PATCH request with the usual Api-Key and Authorization headers. The payload can include the following parameters:

callback_uri The new callback uri
application_title The new application name you want to appear in the OAuth2 page for your users
        import requests
        import json

        url = ''

        headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer yourtoken', 'Api-Key': 'yourclient key'}

        data = {'callback_uri': '', 'application_title': 'New App Name'}

        requests.patch(url, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data))


Then you can issue a GET request to the send endpoint, using your client key, to verify that the record was updated correctly.

        import requests

        url = ''

        headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer yourtoken', 'Api-Key': 'yourclientkey'}

        key_data = requests.get(url, headers=headers)