Under Armour SDK


Includes Documentation, Example Application, Under Armour SDK Framework.


Integrate with the Under Armour SDK for both iOS and Android to deliver your branded fitness- and health-specific experiences.

Download our V2 SDK today to get started.

New Features

  • 24/7 Tracking — Keep ‘em moving! Track your users’ daily steps, distance, sleep, calories, and weight using a smartphone and/or one of over 400 compatible tracking devices.
  • Workouts 2.0 — Help your users push harder with our next-gen workout tracking. Users can now record and log indoor and outdoor workouts from over 800 workout types using steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and WILLpower. Users can now set and calculate Heart Rate Zones and capture time spent in those zones.
  • Social Features — Utilize new community features for added engagement and inspiration. Now users can create brand profiles as well as personal profiles; follow friends, peers, and athletes; and get qualified friend suggestions.
  • Groups — Group features allow users to push each other to reach new goals, compete with friends, and interact via closed groups.
  • Mapping — New mapping features enable your users to bookmark their favorite routes.

Things to Note

  • The SDK is used heavily by our own apps and is already shipping with the Under Armour Record app.
  • V2 is built on the back of our latest and greatest APIs (v7.0)


If you find issues with the SDK, please report it to us here and we will work hard to get them addressed in our next iteration.