Actigraphy vs. Aggregate

The Under Armour Connected Fitness platform provides two ways to get activity data over time: Actigraphy and Aggregate.


The Actigraphy resource exposes data for only a single day†. It has aggregate data for that day, but also includes that data in buckets of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour.


The Aggregate resource exposes data for longer stretches of time. It will roll the data up by day, month or year, depending on what you ask it for. It does not include smaller buckets of time like Actigraphy does.

Deciding Which to Use

The basic rule of thumb for choosing between these two resources is this:

  • Use Actigraphy when you need aggregate and multi-resolution time series data for a single day.
  • Use Aggregate when you need aggregate-only data for long periods of time.

They also expose slightly different data. You should check the documentation for each end point to be sure, but as of this writing, the comparison is as follows:

Data Actigraphy Aggregate
steps sum Y Y
distance sum Y Y
energy expended sum Y Y
workout details (steps, distance, energy expended, actvity type) Y N
total number of workouts Y Y
workout duration sum Y‡ Y
workout distance sum Y‡ Y
sleep details (time awake, deep sleep, light sleep, time to sleep, times awakened) Y N
average sleep time N Y
latest body mass on date Y N
body mass % change N Y
body mass change N Y

† Not necessarily 24 hours. See the Actigraphy documentation for more details.

‡ Not explicitly, but can be computed.