Response Codes

The Under Armour API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the status of requests. Common response codes that client apps should expect include:

Status Code Meaning
200 - OK The request has succeeded.
201 - Created The request successfully added a resource. This response code should be expected for POST operations which create a resource.
202 - Accepted The request was accepted, but processing is not complete. This response code is most common for POSTs or PUTs which cannot be handled synchronously.
400 - Bad Request The request was invalid. This response code is common when required fields are unspecified, formatted incorrectly, or invalid filters are requested.
401 - Unauthorized The request authentication failed. The OAuth credentials that the client supplied were missing or invalid.
403 - Forbidden The request credentials authenticated, but the requesting user or client app is not authorized to access the given resource.
404 - Not Found The requested resource does not exist.
405 - Method Not Allowed The requested HTTP method is invalid for the given resource. Review the resource documentation for supported methods.
500 - Server Error The server failed to fulfill the request. Please notify support with details of the request and response so that we can fix the problem.