Release Notes

In order to move fast and build the best API we can, we push new endpoint versions fairly frequently to accommodate better interfaces. In order to make your updates as easy as possible we will include a description of all breaking changes made between versions in these notes. Of note is that any change in the version INCLUDING minor revisions will have interface and breaking changes. Most new API versions will only change a few endpoints.

v7.1 Feb 11, 2015

v7.1 was added to standardize the way resources link to each other through HAL.


  • Friendship, Group Invite, and Page Follow Resource
    • When inserting multiple resources, the response json will now put each inserted resource in the __embedded block.


  • Route Resource
    • Added rpc uri /v7.1/Route/<id>/set_privacy/ to set the privacy on a route
      POST /v7.1/Route/<id>/set_privacy/
      {"privacy": "/v7.1/privacy_option/<id>/"}

v7.0 Feb 1, 2015

OAuth 2.0 has worked well for all new integrations. We have added a token exchange endpoint and announced an end of life to OAuth 1.0a support in the API on Feb 1, 2016.


  • Data Source Resource

v7.0 Jan 1, 2015

Release of Heart Rate and Page features.


  • Heart Rate Zones Resource
  • Heart Rate Zones Calculation Resource
  • Heart Rate Time In Zones Resource
  • Workout Heart Rate Resource
  • Page Resource
  • Page Follow Resource
  • Page Association Resource
  • Page Type Resource

v7.0 Dec 1, 2014


  • Role Resource
  • User Role Resource

v7.0 Nov 1, 2014

Release of 24/7 data and groups on platform.


  • Activity Resource
  • Activity Story Resource
  • Aggregate Resource
  • Body Mass Resource
  • Group Resource
  • Group User Resource
  • Group Invite Resource
  • Group Purpose Resource
  • Group Leaderboard Resource
  • Sleep Resource
  • Map Marker Image Resource
  • Membership Resource
  • Remote Connection Resource
  • Remote Connection Type Resource

v7.0 Oct 1, 2014

Webhooks were added so 3rd parties can subscribe to workout updates. More signals will be added in the future based on requests.


  • Webhook Resource
  • Moderation Status
  • Moderation Action
  • Moderation Action Type

v7.0 June 1, 2014

OAuth 2.0 was added to the v7.0 API plane. After having integration challenges with Oauth 1.0a we decided to move to OAuth 2.0 which has much better client library support.

v7.0 Nov 1, 2013


  • Route Bookmark Resource
  • User Stats Resource

v7.0 Oct 1, 2013

v7.0 is the first release of a full featured public, restful API from Under Armour Connected Fitness. It is secured with OAuth 1.0a.


  • User Resource
  • User Profile Photo Resource
  • Privacy Resource
  • Friendship Resource
  • Activity Type Resource
  • Workout Resource
  • Route Resource
  • Course Resource
  • Achievement Resource
  • User Achievement Resource